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Lien Negotiation Tips

Here are some tips for navigating through a lien negotiation. KNOW YOUR CASE FACTS Lien claimants are in the “percentage business” not the “fact business.” They generally work off a percentage recovery model, so they are not generally conversant with the facts of your case. You start with a substantial advantage if you appear knowledgeable, […]

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The Doubleplay Explained

Here is a breakdown of the Doubleplay, the history of its conception, and its benefits in navigating through particularly difficult claims. WHAT IS DOUBLEPLAY Doubleplay is simply a program in which a group of passionate claim and legal professionals assemble as a committed leadership group, in order to review the “worst-case scenario” claims, with the […]

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Knowledge Nuggets: Proactive Strategies for the Difficult Claims

Presented by Corey Ingber & Gabrielle Haas at the CSU Systemwide Risk Management and CSURMA 2015 Fitting the Pieces Together Conference in San Diego, April 28 – 29.

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Getting Ready for 2014

A brief review of permanent disability, SJDB, utilization review, independent medical review, liens, medical fee schedule (OMFS), consulting reports and Valdez, and COLAS going into 2014. PERMANENT DISABILITY: Lab C 4453(b)(9) • For injuries on and after 1/1/2014, remember minimum AWW is $240=$160.00 per week • For injuries on and after 1/1/2014, maximum AWW is […]

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The Examiner’s Guide to a Medical Report

By Corey A. Ingber 1.1              MEDICAL REPORTS IN WCAB PROCEEDINGS The WCAB expressly favors the production of medical evidence in the form of written medical reports Live medical testimony at trial is strongly disfavored and is therefore rare.  It can be brought but only upon a party first making an application and then showing good […]

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Welcome to 2012!

A BRIEF SUMMARY OF NEW LAWS TAKING EFFECT, SOME CASE DECISIONS OF 2011, AND SOME PRACTICE SUGGESTIONS By Corey A. Ingber Copyright © 2012 Corey A. Ingber. All Rights Reserved. New laws that take effect 1-1-12i AB 228 – SCIF MAY INSURE TEMPORARY OUT-OF-STATE EMPLOYEES: Amends the California Insurance Code to authorize the State Compensation […]

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